Everything is fine #1

We’re deepening by the hour. It’s like we are in a film. I say this because the basic rule of any film is that it begins with life operating as per usual, and then something extraordinary is slowly introduced that disrupts the proceedings,  eventually shoving a cast iron wrench into the clockwork, for which the characters will spend the best part working within an inch of their lives to remove. We can hope we are a good while past the beginning, though we can’t be sure, and no ending appears in sight.

Every time you check a news outlet, a new name has got the disease. Our government seems to be doing next to nothing to stop the spread. People can fly in from the most heavily affected zones, leave the airport as usual and then jump on public transport among the rest of the sorry populace, just trying to get by with their lives. I’m not a fan of the nanny-state, but Jesus H Christ, when something happens to make even the Chinese shit themselves, surely the least the state should be doing is seizing people at the borders and forcibly sending them off to a bunker somewhere,  and keeping them there until they recover? Happy to buy them a Playstation or whatever to keep them busy. 

The government is barely even attempting to hide its incompetence. In a globalist world, this sort of thing is likely to happen at any point, and it seems they had never even thought about what to do in the event. 

What a dreadful year it has been, devastating bushfires, floods, and now this. If we didn’t know better we’d think the Lord was finally punishing us for our wicked ways…


It has been my dream to go and watch England play football in foreign lands, and due to some divine stroke of fortune I acquired tickets for the quarter finals in…in Rome. It’s taken a few weeks for me to realise that my dreams will have to wait. 

As it happens I have been in bed for about three days. Sleeping and waking up, sleeping and waking up, eating ice cream, at the mercy of the Youtube algorithm. As one often is. I’m sure I don’t have the BigBoy, just a common cold, but I’m anathema to society and best kept away until further notice (no change there haha!).

I’m rarely ill, once every few years normally if that, and then only for around two days at a time. I’m not used to the whole shall I go to work today or not? quandary. Should I power through my condition and endure a day get paid, provide the service people need, or should I stay at home, completely cutting off all possibility of harming others? Sometimes it takes a while to come round to the latter conclusion, but sense prevails, and the unmade bed beckons…

The name of the virus is interesting. Named after it’s crown-like appearance. It could be prescient, as in ‘the King of the viruses,’ though in terms of deadliness, it ranks low- it’s no bubonic plague. It seems poorly judged to give a pathogen royal status. Shouldn’t they be named after disgusting things? Or would having to utter the disgusting 17000 times a day be letting the virus win? 


Think about the nauseating three year Brexit impasse we more or less just emerged from. Whichever side of the debate you were on, it sucked the lifeblood out the national discourse. But listen now, those were the glory days, were they not? That was the glorious window, those were the days of wine and roses, and we did not know it! Bring back the gridlock. Bring back John Bercow. 

Sickness, deaths and crippling damage to the economy and the disruption of freedoms aside, there is perhaps a glimmer of hope to be gleaned out of all this. Think about how good it should feel when we can return to life as before. The times when we could fly across the globe to immerse ourselves in new cities, attend concerts among thousands of other revellers, go to football matches, show affection to loved ones without reservation.

What happens at the end of every movie? the disruptive force is quashed, and the world returns to full strength, stronger still for enduring all it has been through. This may take longer than a couple of hours, but we will go back to what we had before. I hope we will appreciate what we will have regained.

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