being generous and beer

Being generous and beer

I believe that being generous and beer are both good things and being generous and beer makes us all happy in the end. I like to think I am a very generous man who also likes beer. My friend likes beer and is a very generous man. Those are the two main reasons he’s my friend. 

One day I bought him a beer. He said ‘thanks.’ 

He bought me two beers. I said ‘thanks.’ 

So I bought him four beers. He said ‘thanks’.

Then he bought me eight beers. I said ‘thanks.’

And I bought him sixteen beers. He said ‘thanks.’

This went on for a very, very long time until we both had no money or valuable possessions or homes left, but we didn’t care at all because we had seventeen thousand beers between us and we were therefore both very happy in the end.


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