Everything is fine #2

On a relatively basic scientific level it goes like this- most cells and particles = no problems, uranium particle here = fine, morsel of anthrax = not great but not that bad, microscopic amount of cyanide = as you were, influenza = we’ll be okay but if we’ve got THIS, if THAT’S what we are dealing with then we’ve got a problem (the whole globe is getting fucked). 

It’s amazing how fast this has happened, how our normal ways of life have been whisked from under our feet. Something that originated 3 months ago in one animal in a market in a Chinese province nobody has heard of has come to British towns and villages. It takes serious incompetence/malevolence for something like that to happen. The moronic, evil Chinese government has inflicted unprecedented pain and damage to our societies. We were not ready. 

If you switch on the news, you can get a constant flurry of coronavirus, just a meaningless death statistic. The pound is the lowest to the dollar it’s ever been. Pictures of supermarkets, the shelves bare. So and so event has been cancelled, each article just about satisfying the itch, keeping the fear of ignorance at bay… 

Being a Twitter user is like sliding through a gutter of slime at the best of times, people flinging excrement at each other is the norm. There are two sides of the debate roughly, two sides of the extreme. One side- GOD WHY ISN’T THE GOVERNMENT MAKING US SAFER (and giving us more money), and the other side- GOD STOP OVERREACTING IT’S NOT EVEN THAT BAD PLEASE DON’T LET’S THROW THE BABBY OUT WITH THE BATHWATER. I fluctuate, but I spend most of my time near the latter camp. It seems like some people see protecting human life as something worth sacrificing EVERYTHING for, and you’re a monster if you seek to draw the line anywhere along the continuum. 

Boris Johnson and his mates Patrick Vallance and Chris Witty are doing a daily broadcast which is good of them. I would recommend these to listen to if you are struggling to get to sleep. 

The term panic-buying is misleading, these people aren’t bulk-buying due to panic, or fear. They aren’t afraid, they’re just twats. It brings a certain cognitive dissonance I have about the quality of the character of the British people. I hold that they are both great and twats at the same time. A crisis such as this begets either a great, or a twat, which will you be?

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