Dream 2502

Last night was just a dog mostly. I returned home to find that my family had acquired an extremely small, but extremely gregarious little dog. It was probably one of the smallest dogs you can get, with really long and curly light brown hair so it was almost more like a guinea pig. I developed an extremely good relationship with it, and it seemed to love me, which was nice. I felt like I’d been saved.

It would rub its face on my face then it would run around the garden, disappearing under the conifers. I smiled and I felt really happy in the presence of it (I’m ambivalent towards dogs in real life, interestingly). It would jump on top of my shoulder and then stay there for a bit and I’d walk around showing everyone and they’d say aww isn’t that cute.

It wasn’t just an ordinary dog though, occasionally it would morph into an iguana with a really big frill around its neck a bit like a triceratops, but it would always attempt to do this in secret.

That’s dreams for you.

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