Dream 2602

At the rave. Music stops. Skinny whopper standing on podium at the side starts to make a speech. I heckle him.  Why is he talking? What is he even talking about? Others heckle him. I can’t remember what happened in the end but I’m certain he chased and tried to kill me and my retinue earlier in the dream. He didn’t catch me of course.

I keep finding loads of 50 pence pieces at some point and I try to pick them all up and fail.

Some girl’s boyfriend doesn’t like me and puts a shotgun in my face whilst we are on a climbing frame which turns out to be some really weird weapon that doesn’t actually work like a gun. I couldn’t describe the way it works but it involves a box and many knives. He explains to me that he takes it to festivals because they don’t actually realise it’s a firearm.

My friends propose a game of football by the river but I explain that it’s too dark and the ground is horrible so we don’t play.

Sitting in a tent with my friend S.A and rolling a cigarette but realising i’ve put 10 x the right amount of baccy in it and the baccy is almost never ending and I pinch it with my fingers. We laugh hysterically.

The baccy also contains grass, leaves and moss.

I sneak into a Leicester City presentation meant for all the greatest Leicester City fans who are all in tears and singing a strange Leicester City chant that I couldn’t possibly have heard before. I decide to stand at the door, and act as some kind of door man, so as to not feel out of place.

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