Dream 2402


I went to Tesco with my brother and looked at an extremely oversized pick and mix section for a long period of time without buying anything. I was searching for some sweets that had the tag no gelatine on them, and only found one compartment and the sweets were black and horrible (I hate liquorice) so I didn’t buy anything.

I kept seeing people I knew because it was apparently the Tesco in Shelthorpe I was in, which is situated in Loughborough, which is my home town. I don’t like seeing people from the past. Many people from the past saw me, but pretended they hadn’t and scurried off down the aisles to hide from me, which was fine.

My brother offered me a sweet at some point and it got horribly stuck in my braces for a long period of time, possibly throughout the entire dream. Then I tried to buy the same massive bottle of diet coke twice, but when I was in the queue the second time all the customers just decided to leave the shop before paying because something was going on in the car park. I took the opportunity to only pay for my coke once and got out of there, knowing that I’d hustled the system.

Nothing was happening in the car park and all the customers went home, or vanished. I went to the corner of the car park where my friend Paul was parked, and we sat together in the car. Then some horrible scallies at the other end of the car park started throwing pine cones at us so we started throwing pine cones back. It was going a bit too far so I ended up shouting a c bomb at them because I hated them. And then the head scally, ginger haired and wearing a black hoody with lots of printing on it started getting really angry and him and his peers decided to make their way over to us for combat of a non pine-cone based form.

“Get in the car!”

We all got in the car.

“Run them over if you have to Paul,” I said. Paul said “will do” and them slammed down the accelerator. Can’t remember what happened next, but we were all safe.

Then shortly after this …

I was arrogantly flying around my village by flapping my arms and then looked over an extremely big and pittoresk bridge and thought ‘I’m not ready to fly over that’, but deep down I knew I was, because I was a skilled flier now after these 5000 flying lessons I’d been having in previous dreams. Flying/gliding, I can do both now very confidently. So anyway somehow I ended up off falling off the edge, which was fine but I ended up clinging on to an extremely large and wide sign advertising a local pub, and ended up detaching it from the top of the bridge. I panicked because I was obviously going to get caught for this, because everybody was presumably watching me anyway in amazement. But then I managed to nail it straight back on whilst hanging almost in mid air. Phew. End of dream.



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