LordoftheReeves’ 6 perfect traxx

I’ve often made the case that there is a universally ‘good’ sound. I’d still make that claim, based on the pleasingness of the sounds. Really nice pleasing sounds. I usually listen to much ‘darker’ sometimes ‘harder’ stuff in which the sounds are also pleasing but these are all proper noiiiiiiiice, not that I really listen to these any more.

If you have got a soul, I think you’ll like these 6. Sorry if they’re already bigguns to you (In which case, why not read my blog about a Jellyfish instead?)


Nightmares on Wax- Les Nuits

This one’s definitely nooooiiice. When I was in Lithuania a bunch of people called it “porn music”and replaced it with something else. All I can say is; they must have a seriously groovy taste in porn. I remember when I was watching Ray Mears’ Bushcraft and he was just on an Island somewhere, disappearing into the night to the sounds of this. It was essentially perfect. I bet he’s had this one on repeat in the jungle a few times, when times get hard in the bivouac. Still yet to see Nightmares, this is very bad.


Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons- Vermillion

Damian Lazarus is exceptional. I don’t have the musical repertoire to describe why it is good. The sounds are just absolutely lovely, and sounds that you won’t normally hear so they’re guaranteed to have a new effect on your brain, in some way. If you like all these tribal drums and stuff do check the guy out- he is an eclectic phenomenon.


Depeche Mode- The Things You Said

Depeche Mode are absolute geniuses. I always appreciate an artist when they have a vast amount of wonderful tracks, which is why I cringe when people worship The Smiths and think they’re all sick and stuff, listening to This Charming Man on nights out over and over again and thinking they’ve found God. Depeche vocals are worlds apart. Dave Gahan’s voice is so authoritative and the lyrics are always elusive and peculiar enough to constitute perfection. Could have picked many tracks but this is my favourite. Can’t describe why.


Lovebirds- Want You In My Soul ft. Stee Downes

My mate showed me this one when I was a bit of a lost octopus in first year and I could put my life into perspective listening to this. It is simply something else. Every minute will pick you up like a kite and make you went to hug your friends and smile and loads of other good stuff. You should play it at your wedding, probably, assuming your wife is also a bit funky and you love her (or husband of course).


Tensnake- Coma Cat

This is just a fantastic jingle. Guaranteed to make you feel like life is not too bad after all. No one with a soul wouldn’t want to dance to this, let alone like it.


Bonobo- Cirrus

Extremely uplifting and pleasing simplicity. Bit popular, this Bonobadger one but this blog is dedicated to universally pleasing music after all and this really does fit the bill.


Frankie Knuckles & Jamie Principle- Your Love

I don’t know if you have seen that documentary about how house began in Chicago but that throws some lovely context onto this one. I believe this one was at the beginning of it all. Most people recognise the riff as from a Florence track, I feel sorry for these people. I have probably shed a tear to this numerous times. I had the privilege of seeing Marshall Jefferson playing it with A Guy Called Gerald and the gang at Canal Mills. It was marvellous. The lyrics are sick. The way that this track varies into a myriad of completely different phases, each extremely captivating and building an almost celestial sense of suspense throughout. Making it perfect for the end of this!


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