Everything is fine #11

I’ve been absent from here for a long time, for no good reason. Not too long ago I adopted the persona of the Government coronavirus radio ad man but he seems to have disappeared now, perhaps finding a job in a call-centre somewhere. He is on stand-by for future lockdowns and eager to leave his customer services role at HSBC as soon as possible so he can emotionally blackmail us all once again.

I intend not to continue with any posts which will convey my beliefs regarding what is going on in the world now. Issues are so divisive, and so commonly discussed on radio/television that they become tediuous beyond contemplation. I, particularly, have a drive to consume all of the content and follow the daily narrative. This curse involves listening to the radio while making breakfast or at the gym etc. (feel sorry for me.)

I exist on Twitter quite frequently, which is great for finding a like-minded community, but also terrible, because of the bad actors out there, the provocateurs, the sick of mind, ready to bring out the worst instincts in us all.

It is best that we take our little holidays when we can, after we have done whatever daily work we know that we must do.

And how do we find our peace? I would suggest that walking is the best way, on a sunny evening, walking through meadows and fields, looking at the splotch-collages of widflowers, and by the river, watching the flocks of birds moving across the water, and through parks, seeing the way the light pours through the branches of the trees and makes them glow.

I was walking through the memorial gardens near me and I noticed a mighty Atlas cedar. This is one of my favourite trees. Instantly recognisable for its blue appearance, cones smooth like eggs, and above all for its great size. The tree is a mountainous tree, as its name suggests, and it originates in the Atlas range of Morocco.

I can only describe it as absolutely glorious.


I have millions of words on my computer, dormant and disjointed paragraphs, mostly details of my collisions with society, observations of nature and more. I intend to share these on here to whatever handful of family members/friends/Indonesian bots may wish to read them. I have the privelige of having a lot of time on my hands and this doesn’t seem like a bad way to use it.

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