Everything is fine #8

A couple of months since the last Everything is fine, and five since the first, everything is still mostly fine.

It’s like being on one of those conveyor belts only it’s circular. I wake up in the morning, read a few chapters of my book, take a break, check the day’s sports- play times, odds etc, Whatsapp messages, the day’s craziness on Twitter, maybe read another chapter.

Go downstairs, make a coffee. This is problematic. I only like a strong coffee, two to three spoons of instant, in a big mug. I don’t like weak coffee, the taste, or the principle. My coffees invariably make me on edge, make me crave acting strongly, rendering everything I do unsatisfactory. If there was a dragon in the local area, I’d be over there, plunge my sword into its neck, steal the gold, save the village from it’s doom, then I might be satisfied.

But there are no dragons anymore.

You can workout, punish/reward your body with vigorous motion. This is what you need to do. This is victory, slay the workout, victory. But it is only a surrogate.

I go to work a lot, and work is fine. But I’m not a grenadier, or a heart surgeon, or a secret agent. Nobody’s life depends on me, I am not as important as I would like to be. Nobody would make a Netlfix series about me (but they should, obviously).

The cricket is on. A thousand balls can be bowled in a day. If you want to take in the whole match, you have to watch it for four days.

The snooker is the same. The players are currently playing best of 33 frames, each frame lasting around half an hour. It takes a couple of days before the shots really seem to take on any significance at all.

This is not like football, where it plays for ninety minutes and each goal is reacted to like the saving/ending of the world by asteroid collision, depending on which side you’re on.

You’re either strapped to a rocket or you’re sailing.

We’re sailing, and everything is fine.







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