a real man?

A man is being interviewed on an American panel show. He is asked what his favourite book is. He says he likes Tom Wolfe. The interviewer asks if he has read his most recent; Vanity of the Bonfires. He says no, he has not.

Next the interviewer asks what he is currently reading, and he says he is ‘reading his own book again because it is so fantastic.’ The book has a co-writer, a man called Schwartz who has since came out to say he wrote the book, with no assistance. He says he deeply regrets writing the book and wishes it could be rebranded as fiction.

So what was his favourite book, except his own?

He picks Tom Wolfe again. He can’t quite recall a title so he opts for the author’s ‘last book.’  When repeatedly asked which it is, he repeats ‘his current book’, the interviewer tries to help him by giving him the title of the author’s most recent book, which so happens to be the one the man denied having read fifteen seconds ago.

He says, yes! that’s the one!

He looks to the left while he plans how to expand and says ‘the man has done a good job,’ and then adds a ‘very, very good job.’

Perhaps to escape from the interview, the man suggests that his ear piece isn’t working.

Is this a real man? No surely not. It is a sketched man, written by a failed comic writer. Or we will all be dammed.

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