Cubicolor have rapidly developed into a precious hidden gem that even those who are not sold the meme of electronic music would be all over if only they were aware of their existence. The AnjunaDeep spectaculaire specialise in exquisite male vocals (that sound strangely familiar) and dreamy sounds involving a wide array of instruments [musical ones, would you believe it?]. They released their first album late in 2016 titled Brainsugar. Intriguingly the cover image is a wonderfully colourful particle of MDMA under the microscope. There is something deeply colourful about Cubicolor’s music also.

Now you’d be wrong if you thought that this was a conventional electronic act. There’s nothing thumping and repetitive about this stuff. Only soft, euphoric sounds and fantastically simple lyrics that are sure to stay on your mind.

You can get whatever you want, you can get whatever want.


We both know these waves never reach the shore. 

I saw some punk on Youtube try and say it was deep house the other day. Needless to say I tried to set him straight on the matter. (I mean it could be Deep House but isn’t it about time we saw the futility of ascribing genres to something as vast, rich and bounteous as modern electronic music?) 

The best tracks on this album are perhaps Dead End Thrills, Falling, Mirror Play and Machine Keys (pure piano). I first heard a remix of Dead End Thrills in a Tale Of Us set at Afterlife, which shows how widely appreciated they are by artists of a completely different dynamic. Falling is also magnificently remixed by the massive Edu Imbernon. But all are magnificent creations in their own right and are not bettered, only modified for an entirely different effect in remixes.

This is the kind of act who, when they sing the chorus, you get so engrossed in it that you actually levitate a bit. Expect layers upon layers of sweet sounds, and deep, encapsulating plunges into unexpected, moments of inescapable musical genius.

You need Cubicolor in your life.

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