A plea to kick the dandelion right in the head

To the exclusive few of you reading this who take the time to read and appreciate the work that I put on my website, I am very thankful. Of course, writing is what I love doing, and I absolutely love the freedom that having my own website allows (and I might add that the website is looking sharper and more organised than ever right now, with a smooth white theme and a series of CATEGORIES for posts in HYPER-LINK FORM), freedom to write whatever nonsense (or sense) that I want, how ever I want to do it. You will undoubtedly understand that almost everything I write is completely unpublishable elsewhere due to its unconventionality, so thanks to Lordofthereeves.com, all of this extraordinary stuff is given the opportunity to exist.
But it’s not all sweetness and light I’m afraid. It may not come as a surprise to you, but my readership is very poor, which is deeply dissatisfactory to me, considering the amount of time and work that goes into some of my posts. I only have 270 friends on Facebook to share my posts with, most of whom are probably terrified of me anyway and think I’m some kind of monster, not to be encouraged. LordoftheReeves.com is effectively a barren wasteland, which does leave me questioning why on Earth I bother with it sometimes.
So please, if you enjoy something that I’ve done, it makes you laugh or encourages you to think about something differently or in a new way, which is all that I ever hope for, share it with your friends, online or with your mouths or whatever. Kick the dandelion head and let the wind take the seeds to new realms and dimensions. That way, I can keep on going with this stuff, improve and produce better and better work, and more regularly. Then maybe, hopefully, possibly make our gloomy planet ever so slightly the better for it 🙂

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