the scariest thing ever

the scariest thing ever happens when you’re just staying at yours on your own and you get up in the middle of the night and you’re still half asleep and not really engaged with life and you get up for a drink or maybe a piss whatever and then all of a sudden you see a human being right there who you didn’t know was there doing something or anything obviously with the purpose of grabbing your attention then that prospect is definitely the most potentially scary frightening horrifying terrifying blood-curdling prospect there ever was so you should always lock your door or doors but even if you do and the scariest thing ever just happens anyway then the scariest thing ever could potentially be even more scary blood-curdling because of the insane crazy lengths that the human being has obviously gone to in order to be there which only really demonstrates shows the obscene levels of their mysterious and probably very evil motives that they must have to be in your house not their own houses or anybody else’s house but yours

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