Hovering destroyer-insect

Screenshot_20190411-155233Little do the people of Barrow Upon Soar know that their village is home to a mysterious destroyer insect. I was waiting for the 14.04 to Sileby, observing the weedy limestone banks, it was ladybird country- Black ladybirds with red spots, red ladybirds with black spots, name your combination. I noticed a few bees around, a bumblebee smothering itself in pollen, about to fall asleep in a dandelion flower. Then I noticed something else hovering around, something else altogether.

Coming right out of the front of it’s face it has a needle. It’s tempting to believe this is some kind of weapon, that it uses to spear its prey but it’s a proboscis used for the purposes of sucking up pollen. Bees have them, but they are usually about a third of the size.

Then take a look at its legs. Evil looking things, not cuddly and furry and soft like the legs of a bumblebee. These are sharp, lightweight destroyer legs. Then the wings are a combination of black and silver, poised at the angle of aeroplane wings. Abdomen bulky, presumably packing death. It has the face of a fly, with a long protruding snout.


This thing looks like it was designed by the Lord Sauron himself. Beautiful and deadly.

Is it a bee, fly, wasp, dragon?

Watch this space, i’ll have confirmation soon.


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