Horrible Ignorant Meat Eating PROTEIN MONSTERS

Not all carnivorous human beings are thick, but all thick human beings are carnivorous. Another unnoticed human ignorance which is simply begging for me to exploit is the ignorance that is shared by nearly all meat-eaters. I too was one until not too recently, and I too was the ignorant specimen I have grown to despise.

The decision to consume meat the way it is currently prepared for us; pumped with nasty chemicals, in filthy conditions, amongst thousands of other creatures in confined spaces by mindless corporations is nearly always based on ignorance, wilful or otherwise. Although in rare circumstances people do know the extent of the horror of it all, but continue to eat meat anyway.

ObamaEatChicken_zps1bed6493‘No I’m not giving it up, I WANT it!’!

I find this stance far less contemptible than the ignorant one. If you admit you are greedy then no one is going to attack you, at least you’ve made a conscious choice. Everyone else deserves everything they can get. (To a certain extent vegetarians [and myself] do also, because there is no reason to suggest that animals that produce dairy products are treated any better, or contribute to less damage to the ecosystem, although granted; the horror caused is significantly less. I’ll be a vegan sooner or later. But anyway…this is all off topic, this is not a persuasive article after all).

Ignorant meat-eaters aren’t agents in themselves, they’ve just swallowed everything around them unquestionably like some mindless dead-faced vacuum cleaner tube knocking over all the fucking ornaments. In fact I can confirm that I have often had conversations with these people and on many occasions they do not speak, they suck.

hqdefault Ask yourself meat eaters, ‘is this you?’.

The volume of people who ask the following question is staggering.  So I’d like to address it. It is by far the most hideous of the default ignorant meat eating queries:

“Yeah, but where do you get your PROTEIN?”

I have many questions to ask in reply. Do you know how much PROTEIN a human needs then? Do you know what humans need PROTEIN for? Are you planning on growing a spare skeleton or something? Do you know what non-meat foods contain PROTEIN and how much in comparison? Have you ever seen or heard of a human suffering with a PROTEIN deficiency? Do you even know what PROTEIN is?If you love PROTEIN so much why don’t you go grab yourself a placenta to munch on then? Horrible Ignorant Meat Eating PROTEIN MONSTER.

What I find hilarious is that these people actually think they’re onto something. They think ‘yeah shit I’ve got a deeply intelligent, scientific point here’. They have very little knowledge of biology. They have very little understanding of health generally, but they are trying to make an argument based on not eating meat being unhealthy. Then ironically, they can often be found sucking on a cigarette, sucking on a beer, sucking on ecstasy pills, sucking on copious amounts of sugar, sucking the excess dust off the skirting boards (proven to be extremely unhealthy), the list continues…

Consuming PROTEIN through meat isn’t even at all necessary for muscle mass and strength, even if you are a gym goer or athlete. There are vegan body builders. How do you work that one out, PROTEIN MONSTER?

Kenneth G Williams

Neil Robertson has also become a vegan recently. How much PROTEIN does it take to win a World Championship I wonder?

download (1)(Come on Neil)

Also elephants are also the strongest land animals. Herbivorous.  Gorillas are pretty fucking strong too. Why not try my exercise? Go find a gorilla, preferably one that looks something like this;


And complete the following-

A) First ask it how much meat PROTEIN it consumes.

B) If it says something along the lines of ‘a little amount’ , or if it ignores you, then it clearly doesn’t consume as much PROTEIN as you.

C) In which case, start a FIGHT. FIGHT the gorilla.

D) If you’ve defeated the gorilla due to superior strength, ultimately due to your greater consumption of PROTEIN, then you’ve got yourself a feast full of gorilla meat. Mmmm… tasty! (and also, rich in PROTEIN).


  1. Also you are acting like one of those vegans who like to force their lifestyle upon other.
    You can’t tell me how to live, can you? It is my life and I will decide how to live.
    And don’t comment back saying “Oh, so you like killing living things? Well then that’s bad for you.”
    (As I’ve encountered, on the net and in real life too. In fact, I’ve had a whole family who were forcing me to take the MCveggie when I wanted to eat something else. Like seriously!?! Like WTF)
    And also, don’t get me wrong not all vegans are bad, in fact I am friends with a couple of them.
    They don’t force me to eat like them and I don’t, either.
    And don’t think of Meat eaters like that too, not all of them are that bad 🙂


    • Hello blagblag. I think you have failed to understand what this blog actually was if you think that its purpose is to coerce meat eaters into vegetarianism/veganism. Does it come across as a serious piece to you?! I even made it explicitly clear that this was not my purpose, which I assume you just failed to read; …this is not a persuasive article after all…

      It’s just a satirical post, that’s all. I don’t think that all meat eaters are bad. I just think the stupidity of most of them deserves to be scrutinised. As did the old meat eating me. Because I didn’t think. And they don’t think. People don’t know what they’re doing. I even said this in my blog that people who eat meat and acknowledge what they are doing as bad don’t deserve an avalanche of scrutiny, whereas dumb meat eaters obviously do. I would recommend learning the meaning of irony and potentially re-reading the article if you want to refine your incorrect perception of Horrible Ignorant Meat Eating Protein Monsters.


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