My thoughts on the coming election and our democracy

It has reached that time of year when political surmises are rife. And sadly, we all gravitate our thinking towards politics. It would be tremendously tedious for me to write a scathing piece about the current political system, so I will try to make it as light-hearted and facetious as possible. If you are currently fortunate enough to be basking in the golden shower of political apathy, then you are far luckier than I am, and I would urge you strongly to continue as you are doing, and above all enjoy your life. The reality of our slide towards the abyss, and our powerlessness to change anything is depressing, but somehow I am attracted to the horror of it all. The attraction is comparable to the one we have for horror films. Did I enjoy watching the Hills Have Eyes people raping each other? No but I was attracted to it, because it exists. And if it exists I desire know about it, for various reasons. images As it is approaching the election, I have 3 choices, all of which I have been persuaded to do by different people, and 2 of which I will consider doing. I’m sure that many of you also find yourself at exactly the same crossroads:  

  1. Do not vote, as a sign of protest
  2. Vote Green and support the environment and radical reform.
  3. Vote labour in order to take votes off the conservatives, who are almost indisputably the worst party of them all, and who I’d least like to get into power (narrowly).

To not vote seems very appealing to me. The logic with it is that I don’t support the political system, therefore surely a ballot paper with one of the 7 parties names on it would represent a tangible form of agreement with it. What will this option achieve? Nothing, it is futile.

To vote Green is what I’ve convinced myself I’m going to do at this election. It deeply saddens me that Natalie Bennett is their leader, she doesn’t have a clue what the correct things are to say, and seems so out of touch with the British people. However the Greens are the only party (apart from UKIP) who will truly implement radical reform, which is what we are in dire need of. People will go on about lack of jobs, privatisation of the NHS, discrimination, cuts all the time on social media, and party members will use these things to increase the size of their flock. But these are humanistic issues. Humans are going to die eventually. To most people humans are the only important thing, we have acquired a fucking divinity purely because our parents produced us one day without our permission. Climate change and the eco-system are far more important and the impending apocalypse renders all humanistic issues trivial and absurd. Even if you overtly assert that the planet is unimportant and that humans are paramount in the world, then you are committing a vile hypocrisy. Humans are the ones who will suffer the most from climate change. The predictions about the volume of water on the Earth in the near future are staggering. Our negligence of the environment is melting the ice caps. The ice caps are fucking big by the way, and the water that melts from them goes directly into the sea, this is literally burying land. Land which will be thriving with an ENORMOUSLY increased population. Picture this. It is like a really crowded and shit, apocalyptic film. It’s going to be the end of everything, and I guarantee it will be sooner than you think if our political system doesn’t abolish itself, or change dramatically. For these reasons a green vote would not be entirely futile (but still incredibly fucking futile). Natalie Bennett comments

To vote Labour is what many people I know are doing. Few because they approve of their policies, the majority argue that a vote towards labour is ‘the lesser of two evils’ and is the only vote which will be significant in getting the Conservatives the fuck out of there. I see what they are doing here. But come on for fuck’s sake, if you do this who have you become? The second worst thing you could possibly be, a labour voter. Labour still support trident. Labour have made fairytale promises in order to acquire supporters that involve crippling the economy by borrowing massive amounts of money, whilst still doing nothing about the most important problem of all. Labour have paedophiles in their ranks. Labour used to be ran by Tony Blair, one of the worst human beings you will ever have set eyes upon. Fuck that. Ed Miliband says action by the GMB to cut its funding makes a case for reform of party-union link I still don’t know what I shall do about this. I’m drawn to a reluctant vote for the greens. But I’m still very depressed about it. I am powerless in this all, I really am. The system prides itself on its having given me power, but this is a preposterous lie. Democracy sounds great in theory, especially in the Revenge Of The Sith when Anakin becomes addicted to smack and tries to kill Obi Wan; “Anikin my allegiance is to the Republic. TO DEMOCRACY!” maxresdefault (I could watch the fight that follows over and over again, God I love Ewan Mcgregor. He’s like the Scottish Sean Bean 🙂 What happened to Hayden Christensen, why don’t I see him in anything? Did he actually become Darth Vader?) So democracy sounds great. It sounds like it’s the best thing. (Despite what we live in not actually being a democracy, I’m going to call it one anyway for convenience). It sounds like the best of the acys, certainly. But the ultimate question for me is ‘Can the people be trusted?’. No of course not. Most people are passive, selfish and lack any knowledge of anything. Exactly how you would expect the oblivious products of a rampant capitalist system to be. To expand on this, the question is probably better phrased; ‘Do the people know what is best for them?’. Again the answer is an insurmountable, spit in your face kick you in the teeth no. Most people haven’t come to this conclusion but I find it impenetrable; ‘ An uninformed vote is far, far more dangerous than and uninformed abstention’ Literally, if you want to have an influence on the most important issues that surround us, you have to have applied an interest in these things, you have to have the vaguest idea what is going on, at least. If not you will obviously vote for a horrible party, which is what most people are doing, out of conformity and a desire for personal gain. Is the personal gain you get from voting conservatives if you’ve got money going to benefit the country as a whole? Of course not. Even knowledgeable people with an active interest in politics are being forced to vote for parties they don’t want to vote for in order to prevent another party from gaining power. This is therefore not a democracy, but an utter shambles. People approach the ballot box from extremely bad perspectives. Perhaps they’ve fallen for some of the curdled platitudes that are erupted from Ed Miliband’s sloth face as he looks at the camera with a smile of reprehensible compassion, and declares his party the ‘party of the people’. A political leader (like Nick Clegg did in the debate with mental health, which nobody seems to have noticed, worryingly) might raise an issue that attracts a group of people who are vulnerable, and will literally select that party based on that one principle despite knowing nothing of absolutely anything else. I sighed and provided my face with an instant face palm when I found out that my mother and her partner will be voting conservative this election, and would suggest that this represents a perfect example of the principle I have just mentioned. It’s not your fault Mum, you just don’t show an interest in politics, so your vote is bound to be a bag full of putrid filth and unwanted!  I watch nearly every single episode of Russell Brand’s Trews and I still revere the man for using his fame for a noble cause. I can see why people don’t like him, because of his narcissism, of course. But the man genuinely wants peace. Revolution is the only hope for humanity, and it is a slim pipe dream at best. Every episode I watch I see Russell repeating the same things and drawing attention to current affairs as they get worse and worse and worse, and I see a tiredness in his eyes as he desperately calls for revolution, knowing the that we have no desire to enact it.  And with every week that passes by, no such revolution occurs… Keep your blog posts, comments and stati coming, they do make a difference. It is just a case of damage limitation now. Bear in mind that you’re going to be bringing kids into the future, who will also bring kids into the future, probably continuously. All I would advise to you for the coming month is… Don’t be a cunt. images (1)   (“Subscribe here, SUBSCRIBE here!”)

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